Sunday Notes

April 24th,
I hope you are enjoying this week and the arrival of some beautiful weather! This past Sunday we said “fare well” to our Children’s Ministry Director Marina Fleege. It was hard to see her go, but we are proud of her hard work and excited for the ways that she is pursuing her call to be an elementary school teacher.
In Marina’s absence I wanted to share two pieces of information with you all about what lays ahead for RPC
1. We are actively searching for a new director of Youth + Children’s ministries. This new position will oversee children’s ministries as well as youth group for our Middle School and High School students. We are excited about this new direction and will keep you (the congregation) updated on our search and hiring process.
2. In the interim time until we hire a new director we will need an extra dose of assistance from you all with our Sunday School ministry for our elementary aged children. We have coordinated a fun Video based curriculum focusing on the Bible (done by the same folks who did Veggie Tales). To volunteer for Sunday School means that you’ll need to press play on the Video and then lead a brief craft/game (that will be provided as well). It should be easy….but more importantly it will be a lot of fun!!!
If you are interested in helping for one or two Sundays between now and the end of June please contact myself or Andrew Smith.
Last, and certainly not least, please join us this coming Sunday for a Focus on Mission presentation with Betty Koenig. We get to learn more about Betty’s recent medical mission trip to Jamaica. It will be an important time together at 10 a.m. in the Upper Room.
Thank you again church family! I am grateful for all of you.
Grace and Peace,

Rev.  Austin Ashenbrenner