Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips, Director of Contemporary Music

I studied music privately and in public institutions from age 8 and started my first Christian band (in Ohio) at age 14. My band and I played in churches all over the Midwest until, in my early twenties, I moved the act to Hollywood. Many TV shows and several bands later, I married my wife, Juliann. We ultimately found our way to Washington State and Redmond Presbyterian Church. Years ago at RPC, I put together a children’s choir to encourage my daughters, Jessica and Taylor, to sing with me. Eventually I started the Second Sunday Sing-along, paving the way for the contemporary service which we have today. I believe strongly that the joy of salvation and our passion for Christianity should be present in our music. At Redmond Presbyterian Church we believe that worship is the single most important activity in which a Christian can be engaged. It is the center from which the rest of the Christian life flows. As a church, we enter into God's presence in a special way with other believers in order to give our lives to our Lord so that we can be changed according to his purposes. It is in worship that we see God and ourselves most clearly.

True worship can therefore cause great joy as well as deep sorrow as it both comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. When we have truly worshiped our Lord we are energized by His Spirit to re-enter the world of everyday life in order to genuinely love the people around us and to work for God's glory rather than our own. If this is what worship is all about, then the form of worship is less important than its content. For this reason RPC offers two distinct styles of worship service within our one community of faith.