Sunday Notes

A Note from Pastor Austin ~

January 14, 2020

Hello RPC,
Well the snow has arrived! There’s nothing like a snow day to experience a change of pace. Schools are closed, some of you will be working from home, or skipping errands that you had planned.
While these disruptions can be a headache, they can also be an opportunity for the quite moments of solitude that we talked about this past week in worship. Looking at Luke 6:12-19, we witness Jesus modeling the importance of taking regular time to step away from the noise of life to connect in prayer with God and our own soul.
I hope you are able to find times of stillness this day or week to listen to God’s voice of love in your life.
In the coming week, we’ll be exploring the story of Jesus and dinner with Simon, to consider what forgiveness means for us and for our community.
Blessings all,

Pastor Austin