Sunday Notes

A Note from Pastor Austin

Hello RPC,

This past week in worship we explored the big theological concept of the Trinity and how God’s relational love shows up in our day-to-day relationships.  Who are those people where you are experiencing this reality of our God and who are those people you are feeling nudged to love in this same way?  These are the questions this theological concept continues to ask us throughout our lives.

This coming Sunday we’ll explore the discuss the concept of grace. This is a theological term that has become used to the point of overfamiliarity. For many of us it has lost it’s profound meaning.  I wonder, what comes to mind for you when you hear this word, “grace”? What images do you see or what lessons have you heard over the years?  Consider these questions prior to Sunday’s service and we will have a rich time of learning together.

Don’t forget this Sunday, January 30th will be the day of our Annual Congregational Meeting.  We hope you stick around after worship or log in to our Zoom call to be a part of the fun.

We’ll see you all soon,

Pastor Austin

Rev. Dr. Austin Ashenbrenner