Sunday Notes

A Note from Pastor Austin ~

November 5th, 2019

What a great morning we got to celebrate this past Sunday! We wrapped up our stewardship drive, celebrated communion, and joined together for our annual Harvest Brunch. It was a fun morning in a lot of ways.
Perhaps the most important piece of the list I just named was the way that we gathered around the table…the Lord’s Table for communion together on Sunday. At Christ’s table, we remember that God makes the first move toward us in love and grace. We are not the creators or originators of our faith. We also remember that at this table we are receivers and guests. We did not earn our invitation or bring anything to the meal to make it better, we simply come and receive the gifts of God for us all.
What important reminders for us all this week. God is at work already in our lives and we don’t have to earn that favor. My prayer for all of us this week is that we might experience that truth in important ways.
This coming Sunday after both services be sure to join us as the Deacons will be hosting our coffee hour to connect with each of you all personally. It will be a great morning once again.
Grace and Peace,

Pastor Austin