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The late, great southern writer, Walker Percy, once said, "You can get all "A"s and still flunk life."  In a way, this is what Jesus teaches in the parable we consider this Sunday. What the world might applaud as meritorious, isn't always what is most important in God's eyes.  I was sent into some deep personal reflection when someone asked me:  "What does it mean for someone to be a successful Pastor?"  That's not easy for me to answer. I'll ask you a similar question: "What does it mean for you to be a successful Christian?"  

In many ways these probing questions are awkward because we've been taught so well that the Gospel is something God does for us (salvation) , not something we do for God.  We receive his grace as a free gift.  Right?  But then there are biblical messages, as the texts we'll consider this Sunday, which seem to indicate that faith requires a faithful response.  So while we might not 'earn' our salvation, we certainly are expected to reflect the fruits of that gracious gift in our lives.

 So, what shape is your day by day faith in?  How goes your own discipleship to Christ?  Consider the personal question that comes from the parable of Jesus: "Are you awake?"  I hope you get a good night's sleep on Saturday's warm summer night --and in the 10AM hour we'll talk about what it means to be awake.  We'll also enjoy the music of the Mary Magdalene Choir, along with our pianist/organist, Mike Smith.  We're going to wake up the place!

Looking for your alert, smiling faces on Sunday morning, Pastor Larry


Worship Sunday

10AM Summer  Worship

The choir from the Church of Mary Magdalene joins us today to worship and provide music for our service. We are thrilled to have them here.  Immediately following the service we will be having a luncheon and would like to have everyone attend.  We will get a chance to meet choir members and to hear about all the exciting things happening at Mary's Place.

Windows to The Kingdom:

Are You Awake?

Ephesians 5:14-17; Matthew 25:1-13

Our youth group, Stefan De Villiers, Sarah Keough, Chris Sieling, Adrian Sieling, Maura Duoos, with Brittany McCormick, Seth Ahnert and Dae Shik Kim left Wednesday for a mission to Tierra Nueva in Burlington, WA. Tierra Nueva (New Earth) is an ecumenical Christian ministry located in Burlington, Washington, that seeks to share the good news of God’s freedom in Jesus Christ with people on the margins (immigrant, inmates, ex-offenders, the homeless) and mainstream people through its five ministries. We are dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of God's reign (on earth as it is in heaven) with the oppressed for our mutual liberation, healing, empowerment, and total salvation. The youth group will return Saturday. To find out more about Tierra Nueva, the core values, the five ministries and other wonderful information go to their awesome website. http://www.tierra-nueva.org/v0tj21ucqoytr7182uyh9bbjxhdu5u

See Upcoming Events for the following: RPC 2015 Summer Services schedule (6-11-15); and Windows to the Kingdom: Probing Questions the Parables of Jesus Asks


Upcoming Events:

  • July 6th – July 9th, Vacation Bible Study @ Holy Cross Episcopal Church

Needed a pick up and trailer for RPC’s entry into Redmond Derby Days Parade! Please contact Betty Koenig, footcareCL@aol.com.


Registration now open for “Discovery Canyon” Vacation Bible Camp!

When?  July 6-9, 2015

Where?  Holy Cross Episcopal Church, 11526 162nd Avenue NE, Redmond

Who?  Children, ages 4 – 10

Seeking volunteers:  Youth 11 and older and adults

Forms at the Children’s Ministries table in the sanctuary or download a form, click here

Cost:  $25 per child.  (Family rate: $40.)

Want to relive the joyous moments from the April 26th 50th Anniversary Celebration?  Many thanks to Don Thompson for filming this event.  To view a video of the service, click here


Also, "A Pastoral Letter to Members and Friends of the Presbyterian  Church (U.S.A.) " from Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia, Vice Moderator published March 17th, 2015, click here



Mission Project: Meals for the Homeless     

Providing food for Mary’s Place, a day shelter for homeless women in Seattle.  RPC provides breakfast every second Saturday of the month throughout the year.  Any questions about mission should be directed to Sandee Palmquist 425-867-1310 or email sandee.palmquist@comcast.net.