Our church opens its doors...


      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


      No doubt many are already making moves to gather with family and close friends for your Thanksgiving celebration.   I wish all of you a very happy and meaningful time with those you love.  I want you to know that I am Thankful for you and for our journey together in the last ten years. 


      This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent.   I’m preparing a series from the lectionary on Joy.   I’d like you to reflect on this question before Sunday: “When do you most often experience joy?”  I started developing my own joy list just the other day.

      “I experience joy when”:

      •           When walking in nature on a sunny day

      •           When looking at art –paintings and sculpture

      •           When sharing at the table with my family over a long casual dinner

      •           When I play full court basketball on a good team that plays together (this is a past joy, obviously)

      •           When riding my bike in a quiet neighborhood or easy mountain trail

      •           When doing landscape design and working in the soil

      •           When worshipping on Sunday morning  (especially looking into the faces of the children)

      •           When body surfing down the face of a wave on a sunny Southern California day (it’s very difficult for me to catch waves like I used to)

      •           When snorkeling among beautiful sea creatures

      •           When I am backing packing in the High Sierra’s with my close friends (The last time I did this was in 1999—then my friends rented me a horse due to my arthritic ankles)

      •           When I feel a deep connection with a person and with God during a pastoral visit


      What about you?  Would you be willing to make your own joy list for yourself?  And if you do, will you share it with me?  I’m interested in your places of joy.


      I look forward to seeing you ion Sunday—if you are in town.  Then we can share some joy together!  Pastor Larry


      Finding Joy in All Your Seasons of Life

      What Joy Requires”

      Jeremiah 33:14-16; 1 Thessalonians


      Worship This Sunday

      8:50 Prelude; 8:55 Announcements

      9:00AM Traditional

      Fellowship/ASF in The House, CE Bldg.

      Children’s Christmas Songfest rehearsals, Youth Room

      11:15AM Contemporary

      Sunday school is offered during the 11:15 AM service!



      http://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=OIP.Mbd9597775584696231f6a363a37d49e0o0&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0Next Sunday, December 6th

      Christmas Is All In Your Heart, Bill Phillip’s Annual Christmas Concert at 3pm in the Sanctuary. (see  link to concert under Resources tab and under Upcoming Events.



      Please remember to sign up at the back of the Sanctuary if you are planning to attend the Christmas Luncheon @ Emerald Heights on Tuesday, December 15th.  Deadline to sign up is December 8th!


      Children’s Songfest – Sunday, December 13th at  2 PM in the Sanctuary

      Eight years ago, our Songfest was born when we gathered all the tremendous gifts of our musical church staff, our children (who had been presenting solitary Christmas pageants), and our congregation. A fun loving Christmas tradition continues with an Open House reception following in the Upper Room of the Christian Education building.



      Transition Team Statement to Congregation:

      The RPC Transition Team, Jessica Ahnert, Joclyn Coats, Ron Dorn, Craig Fetters, Bonnie Foti, Dan Weinmeister and Jane Wickert is leading RPC through the transition process as we discern God’s direction for our church’s promising future. If you have any questions or concerns about the process please contact any member of the team, we value your input.  To facilitate communication, we have a mailbox in the Church office to receive letter/notes, and questions about this process. 


      Upcoming Events:

      •           December 6th Deacons Meeting @ 10:15AM in the Prayer Library

      •           December 6th Bill Phillip’s Christmas Is All In Your Heart Concert @ 3PM

      •           December 12th  8AM Men’s Breakfast Club @ Emerald Heights

      •           December 12th 8:15AM RPC serves breakfast @ Mary’s Place

      •           December 12th 11AM, Memorial Service @ RPC for Larry Loper

      •           December 13th 2 PM, Songfest in Sanctuary

      •           December 13th Open House following Songfest, Upper Room, CE Bldg.



    Take a peek at Advent Events @ RPC 2015 and "Finding Joy In All Your Seasons of Life' Sermon Series for AdventIt is under the Resources tab and the Upcoming Events link.

    For a current list of employment opportunities, please click on respective position descriptions found on the "links" list under "Resources".




    Mission Project: Meals for the Homeless     

    Providing food for Mary’s Place, a day shelter for homeless women in Seattle.  RPC provides breakfast every second Saturday of the month throughout the year.  Any questions about mission should be directed to Sandee Palmquist 425-867-1310 or email sandee.palmquist@comcast.net.