Our church opens its doors...

Our Worship Services will be held in the Upper Room of our Christian Education Building while repairs are being completed to our Sanctuary.

Worship This Sunday

                                          9:50 Prelude; 9:55 Announcements

10:00AM Summer Worship

11:15 ASF/Fellowship


Upcoming Events

  • June 4th Saturday afternoon, pressure wash & caulk exterior of Sanctuary*
  • June 5th Guest preacher @ 10AM Worship; Steve Aeschbacher
  • June 5th  following 10AM Worship, Upper Room, Steve shares info on General Assembly in Portland, June 18th – 24th
  • June 5th Sunday afternoon, prime exterior of Sanctuary*
  • June 12th Congregational meeting 9:15AM; nomination/election of elders and deacons; installation and/or ordination to follow at Worship service. Also, Confirmation @ 10AM Worship
  • June 19th, Volunteer service and graduation recognition @ 10AM Worship; Father’s Day
  • June 26th, Baptism/dedication of infants @ 10AM Worship; new member recognition

For a current list of employment opportunities, please click on respective position descriptions found on the "links" list under "Resources".


Mission Project: Meals for the Homeless     

Providing food for Mary’s Place, a day shelter for homeless women in Seattle.  RPC provides breakfast every second Saturday of the month throughout the year.  Any questions about mission should be directed to Sandee Palmquist 425-867-1310 or email sandee.palmquist@comcast.net.