Our church opens its doors...

Our Worship Services will be held in the Upper Room of our Christian Education Building while repairs are being completed to our Sanctuary.

April 26, 2016

I used to ride a motorcycle year round and every day in southern California during my teenage and early adult years.  I loved the way my motorcycle gave me a feeling of freedom and an intimate contact with my surroundings.  (Helmets were not required then). I liked the acceleration I could easily achieve from a dead stop when the traffic light turned green.  Then, all of sudden, I got rid of my beloved mode of transportation.  Why?  Fortunately, it wasn't due to an accident.  One word sums up my reason for selling my motorcycle and stopping all that fun-filled riding cold turkey: Children.

With the birth of our first child, my wife did not have to argue me out of using my risky mode of transportation.  I realized that my survival in life was too important as a husband and as a father.  My mentality shifted from a "me" to a "we."  The blessing of our children changed my perspective on my plans and behaviors.   My risk-taking and fiercely independent lifestyle morphed into a conservative, safety conscious family man. 

On the most basic theological level, according to Jesus' teachings, children teach us about the meaning of grace.  We're going to focus on what the children teach us this Sunday. We'll explore just what Jesus means when he exalts children as the exemplars of those entering the Kingdom of God.

On this sunny Sunday, we will celebrate the Lord's Supper and reflect on what the children in our midst can teach us.   Blessings on all of you!  Pastor Larry


The Moral Life--Virtues Jesus Taught and Practiced

“Grace: A Model for Grown-Ups to Follow”

Deuteronomy 6:6-11; Mark 10:2-9


Worship This Sunday

Bake Sale after both services in the hallway. Fundraiser by our Youth Group.

Deacon’s Collection taken at both services today. Envelopes provided on attendance clipboards.

8:50 Prelude; 8:55 Announcements

9:00AM Traditional

10:15 ASF/Fellowship

10:15 Deacon’s Meeting in Prayer Library

10:15 third class for Confirmation meets in Youth Room

11:15AM Contemporary

Sunday school is offered during the 11:15 AM service

Upcoming Events:

  • May 5th Bible Study @ Emerald Heights at 10AM with Pastor Larry; Financial Planning with Jesus of Nazareth.  All are welcomed.
  • May 8th Fourth Confirmation class in Youth Room at 10:15AM
  • May 10th, Session meets @ 7:00 PM in Room 26
  • May 14th, 8AM Men’s Breakfast Club meets @ Emerald Heights
  • May 14th, 8:15AM RPC serves breakfast @ Mary’s Place
  • May 15th, Pentecost
  • May 17th, Summer Newsletter articles due
  • All RPC Leaders Retreat

    Saturday May 21 9AM-3PM

    Healthy Habits, Helpful Practices, and Communications

    Grounds Residence all Church staff, newly nominated and continuing Elders and Deacons

Pastor Larry will teach the Confirmation Class Series for the young people of RPC.  We will meet between services in the spring.   The classes are designed to incorporate a "hands-on" training in different tasks for the young people to complete outside of class with the pastor, e.g., visit with church shut-ins, visit to the cemetery, one assignment to tell about their own faith to a school friend. Several classes will include guest speakers.  The classes are  open to all older children/youth who are simply curious, (including youth who are already church members). No one attending is ever required to join at the end.  

RPC's Youth Confirmation Classes

April 17- June 12, 2016

Sundays between services in the Youth Room

April 17--Introduction to the series and getting to know each other

April 24 - Guest speaker-- (Testimonials of faith and transformation)

May 1-- The Image of God in Jesus and in Us - (What does it mean to be grown-up?)

May 8--Why Church?  (The Importance of Community)

May 15--Why God Sent Jesus?  (Incurable Sin and Necessary Sacrifice)

May 22--Why Were We Born?  (Discovering your Gifts)                             

June 12--Meet with Elder and Deacon representatives before worship: Sharing faith convictions

In Sunday worship--youth "confirmed"-- declare their faith and are received into church membership (this schedule will be posted on website under Resources tab, under Upcoming Events)   

For a current list of employment opportunities, please click on respective position descriptions found on the "links" list under "Resources".

Mission Project: Meals for the Homeless     

Providing food for Mary’s Place, a day shelter for homeless women in Seattle.  RPC provides breakfast every second Saturday of the month throughout the year.  Any questions about mission should be directed to Sandee Palmquist 425-867-1310 or email sandee.palmquist@comcast.net.