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Vision and Mission 2016

June 22, 2016


 As we continue with summer worship at 10AM in our sanctuary, we welcome two families who will have their infants baptized and dedicated.  We will say "good bye" to our Children's Ministry Director, Mare Sieling, and say "hello" to our new Youth Director, Danny Love.


Our biblically rooted message from the Galatians text will address how the early church cast a unified vision in the midst of strong difference of opinion and conviction.  If you have ever been in church conflicts, or family conflicts (How about national conflicts?), of course we all have, this sermon may be helpful to you.  My attempt will be to make it centrally theological and practical in application to our own lives.


Here's two personal examples from family and church:


My wife's grandfather was a tea totaling mid-west farmer deeply devoted to the Lord.  (He often referred to beer as "horse urine.")  When Claudia and I planned our wedding and reception 38 years ago, we had to wrestle with the question:  Do we serve alcohol at the reception and risk offending Grandpa's religious scruples?


I am standing at the bedside of a dear saint in my former church who is sharing with me what will be her last words before she dies.  As I emphatically listen, she makes a horribly racist statement.  I'm thinking to myself: Do I reprimand her (correct her racist statement) as unchristian or do I just let it slide?


Worship is about sharing joy, receiving forgiveness, singing praises, lifting prayers, hearing proclamation, and participating in the sacraments.  In this experience we re-center our lives.  Come let us worship the Lord!  Pastor Larry 


Worship This Sunday

9:55 Prelude

10:00AM Summer Worship

11:15am ASF/Fellowship, Upper Room, CE Bldg.



Vision Casting:

The Importance of Being United

Acts 15:1-11; Galatians 2:1-10


Upcoming Events:

  • July 3rd, Andrew Smith and the All Kid’s Band lead worship (Communion)
  • July 9th, 8am, Men’s Breakfast Club meets @ Emerald Heights
  • July 9th, 8:15am, RPC serves breakfast @ Mary’s Place
  • July 17th, All Church Picnic following Worship

For a current list of employment opportunities, please click on respective position descriptions found on the "links" list under "Resources".


Mission Project: Meals for the Homeless     

Providing food for Mary’s Place, a day shelter for homeless women in Seattle.  RPC provides breakfast every second Saturday of the month throughout the year.  Any questions about mission should be directed to Sandee Palmquist 425-867-1310 or email sandee.palmquist@comcast.net.